"My spit is ridiculous, Im sicker than syphilis, slip in the clip and I'm rippin your ligament......."


#DopeLyricsMatter... Shoegang knows what they're doing and they are helping the cause of "Dope Lyrics Matter" with songs like "Fusion Dance", "Ain't No Excuses " and "XxxL Freshman Cypher". -Johnny Barrientez

The album name says it all, DOPE ASS LYRICS! -Rpoche



On“Hyenas,” the Horseshoe Gang gives you exactly what you’d expect from the 4-headed monster: lyrics, lyrics, and more lyrics, over a banging Jonathan Elkaer beat with an intro nod to radio legend Sway and the Sway In The Morning Show on Shade 45.

 Their best album so far! Incredible front to back! -Amazon Customer 



  This album is great because it is showing a different side of rap than has been broadcast recently. Each member of the group shows how they are lyrically great as well as trying to open the minds of listeners around the world.
 Incredible!!! -Lyrical Follower 


Great album...Listened to this one start to finish for a week or so. I got to say its a solid album. If you like lyrical rap then your going to get some enjoyment from this. Be on the look out for horseshoe gang as a legitimate lyrical rap group, in the same league as slaughterhouse, 4 horsemen and these type of lyrically focused groups. Cop that s*** if you love lyrical s***!!!!

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